All photography provided by Swivel

Since 2014, I've worked hard in Muncie and surrounding areas to offer a new marketing solution that is affordable, engaging and entertaining for the small business owners. We work with investment groups, small business owners, real estate individuals and much more. 


Our Mission

To make marketing, photography and design available for everyone.  Give the hard working people in small business a chance to complete with big name box stores and offer those solutions at an affordable price.

Unique Photography

Photos are an essential part of any marketing campaign.  Web, social media, or print... It doesn't matter. A photo needs to intrigue individuals and stand out to get attention.  Let us help get you started with some original, unique, and intriguing photos for you and your products. 

Unique Photos

Capture your audience

Put your business on the map.... LITERALLY!

There is one phrase that defines a generation. "Google it!", When you are curious, intrigued or even scared of something new the first thing we do is Google it, we search the internet for experiences and information. What are your customers seeing?  Swivel will help you create and edit your business profile by offering custom photography and up to date and interesting profile. Swivel is a high ranking Google Tour Guide and takes pride in adding your business to the map... literally!

Make it informative

Video shorts are becoming more and more popular each and every day.  Are you prepared to show people what you have to offer?  You don't need to be a popular TV personality to help your business grow.  Let Swivel help you get your video profile started.

Let them explore

Want to show a home from the comfort of your living room?  Swivel is a Matterport Service Provider and takes pride in being the first company in Northern Indiana that offers Matterport tours.  Standing out in today's real estate world takes effort.  Matterport is a great way to show your buyers and seller you mean business.

Make it for different media